In-home care services for the elderly Majorca
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365 days a year
we have english
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We keep you company during the day, at night
or at agreed hours.

Share your individual needs with us and
we will adapt our services to you.


for dependent people with reduced mobility,
children and au pairs and elderly.

We are a professional team with experienced
and qualified caregivers.


at home, nursing home, hospitals,
hotels or on boats.

We provide health care services adapted to our clients’
preferences, anywhere, at any time, for as long as needed.

Senior Mallorca Assisted Home Health Care

Senior Mallorca offers all types of home care services, aimed at improving the quality of life, such as food, personal hygiene, mobility support, household cleaning ... These are services that allow people to live where they have always done, the care provided by a professional team backed by extensive experience.

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Home health care services Majorca

Our treatment is customized

Care provided by a staff rigorously and carefully chosen. Our Services: Personal hygiene and grooming: shower, toilet in bed, diapers, cutting nails, shaving, changes in position, lifting and putting to bed, reminder and control of medication, massages ...

Homemaking services for the elderly Majorca

In-Home support and

The best domestic assistance to make your life at home just a little bit easier:
Washing and ironing, purchase of food and other, feeding, including food preparation, home cleaning.
Support and activities to combat loneliness, both at home and abroad, walks, visits to the doctor, hairdresser...

Assistance for the elderly Majorca

Babysitter service and Au Pairs

Senior Mallorca can also provide you with Au Pairs for children, we make it easy to get used to another language such as Spanish, English or German in day to day interaction in their games, in their lunch or snack ...

Other services

  • Personal care services for the elderly Majorca

    Physiotherapy at Home

    We offer a personalized service at home for people needing physiotherapy, rehabilitation and recovery. Our experts will travel to your home for your convenience.

  • Au pair services Majorca

    Medical Services at Home

    We have home medical services available. If you need some type of medical service at home, contact us. We offer the best professionals in the best conditions.

  • Home care services for senior citizens Majorca

    Domestic Services

    The best domestic helpers, with the best reports. We have an experienced staff that effectively covers this type of service and whose profiles meets the requirements of our clients, showing great responsibility, conveying confidence and backed by experience and impeccable reports.

Auxiliary rentals

Welcome to Senior Mallorca

Home help for the elderly MajorcaSenior Mallorca making life easier for those who needs it most.

The work we do is to serve our elderly, the sick, dependent, disabled, in their own home, as opposed to the traditional caring homes, in our opinion, the person away from what is their usual environment.

Senior Mallorca offers all types of home care services, aimed at improving the quality of life, such as food, mobility support, household cleaning, providing companionship both day and night to hospitalized patients. We also deal with the care of people with difficulties such as fractures, chronic diseases, dementia, etc… in improving their quality of life on a day to day basis such as personal hygiene (shower, toilet in bed, diapers, cutting nails, shaving, massage ...) or emerging problems.

The work of our staff can be serving as a guide to prevent falls on the island tours, help with shopping, diverse gestures, going to the beach, visits to the doctor ...

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