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Who we are

Our philosophy on the island of Mallorca is the same we have had all these years: quality, experience and trust.

The work we do is to serve our elderly, the sick, dependent, disabled, in their own home, as opposed to the traditional caring homes, in our opinion, the person away from what is their usual environment.

It is in many of these cases, despite being hampered by many reasons to lead a normal life, our clients prefer to remain in their own environment, which allows them to feel that they are still part of the community.

Senior Mallorca offers all types of home care services, aimed at improving the quality of life, such as food, personal hygiene, mobility support, household cleaning ... These are services that allow people to live where they have always done, the care provided by  a professional team backed by extensive experience.

Why hire

The benefits of hiring a company like ours are multiple: trained and experienced staff which the company always takes responsibility for.

For peace of mind and comfort of the client, we take care of all labor costs, including social insurance, wages, rates.

If the employee has to take sick leave, the company covers the service with a person of the same features until the reinstatement of the worker.

If after a certain period the employee you have in your home is not what you are looking for, or simply does not meet your criteria, we will make the change without any additional charge.