Quality, experience and trust

Our philosophy on the island of Mallorca is the same that has characterized us over the years: quality, experience and trust.

The task we perform is to care for old, sick, dependent and disabled people in their own home, as opposed to the classic nursing homes, which we believe separate the person from their familiar surroundings. While these facilities undoubtedly play an important role in our society, they may not contribute to people’s happiness and satisfaction.

Many people, even though they are no longer able to lead a normal life on their own, prefer to stay in their houses because they feel more comfortable in an environment they are familiar with and, to a certain extent, get along well there.

Senior Mallorca offers all kinds of services for your home that aim to improve the quality of your life, such as: grocery shopping, help with personal hygiene, assistance with mobility, cleaning… These services allow people to continue living where they have always lived thanks to the help of a human and professional team with extensive experience.